Extra! Extra! Toddler Costumes on the Loose!

Mayhem ensues as parents’ all over the United States get ready for Halloween. Each and every parent has their investigative hat on to figure out what Halloween costumes are needed for their infant to toddler aged children. With only eight weeks to go, it is a scramble to find the “purrfect”¬ù ferocious lion or cuddly bear. Notes are being furiously scribbled in their notebooks as parents make decisions, reject others, and plan out the entire evening of gathering candy, visiting friends, and showing off their bundles of joy.

But what are they choosing? What costumes are making the cut for this year’s Halloween? Is it the same popular costumes of the years before or something less main stream? Stay tuned as we go over the sensational, the edible, and the furry picks of the season.

Sensational Delights from TV

Bring in the new and the old when discussing top television costumes for infants to toddler aged children. Cartoons make some of the best Halloween Costumes. Give your children the same adventures of their cartoon friends with Big Bird Costumes and Sesame Street. Or go under the sea and take an exploration course with Sponge Bob costumes and his many cohorts. Let your children sleuth their way up the streets in a Scooby Doo costume, but be on hand in case a ghostly vision floats your way! The nemeses Boris and Natasha are on the loose again. They are getting ready to overthrow the U.S. Government with a Russian Blitz Attack- but are Rocky and Bulwinkle on the case? If you fear Boris and Natasha you’d better make sure to pick up at least a Bulwinkle costume and get prepared.

Tomato Costume

Cultivating Your Fruits and Vegetables: Picking to Perfection

The strawberry patch is on the move, growing through the streets of downtown “Mayberry,”¬ù you’d better find Strawberry Shortcake costumes to stop the onslaught or it could be a “berry scary”¬ù Halloween.

This just in- Sightings of walking carrots: Vegetables are running rampant. It’s not only the carrot costumes walking off the shelves, but heads of broccoli costumes and tomato costumes are mixing it up for a very colorful Halloween. You might just need the fruit and vegetable crime fighters on the streets in their special police costumes to stop the scare!

Looking for a Roaring Good Time?

It’s not too late to find those furry adorable critters that make the streets safe from vampires and ghouls. That’s right calling all lions, tigers and bears “Oh My!”¬ù It is a forest of kings with long tails, devious fangs, and the sweetest smiles! They are sure to repel any vampires or zombies walking the streets.

Ewok Costume

Movies Have It!

Vying for the perfect movie costume? Look no further, your toddler will be a hit as a Star Wars Ewok. The Ewok costumes put all fuzzy animals to shame with their adorable appearance, gibberish, and deadly accurate smiles. If you are looking for something more main stream from the movies consider grabbing some balloons and a scout costume to fly over the city gathering candy. The hit movie UP has given us plenty of ideas for relocation this year. If that isn’t enough we also have a Night at the Museum waiting for us with presidents, other famous people, and rhino’s running through the halls.

All of these costume ideas and much more are available. Imagination is the limit when it comes to making sure your toddlers have the best costume on the block!

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