Evil Fairy

Okay, well this year, I’m being an Evil Fairy for Halloween. I’m normally a witch, but I felt like something different. Any of the things I have listed can be easily swapped around, no problem. Not much preperation is required beforehand, so I’ve gone straight from getting it all ready, but you’ll want to have a look at what you’ve got etc. =P

Gathering Materials You need a variety of base items to make up the costume. Find these wherever, charity shops, pound shops, car boot sales, the bottom of your cupboard.

First, you will need a basic black dress. Another colour would do, but black is best. It can be as long or as short as you like. Basically this is the item which has the most scope, and is what you should base the rest off.

You will also need a pair of either black leggings, knee-high black socks or black tights.

A pair of wings is essential, but they can be whatever you like. I used a white pair with silver tinsel around the edges. Again, see if you have anything lying around the house. If not, you can get a pair off of eBay for cheap or in a local fancy dress shop =D

You’ll need some form of black shoes, but they can be silver or whatever. Basically whatever you have!

These are the main items of clothing which you’ll need. I wouldn’t say the rest are ‘optional’ but you can mess around with them and see what you come up with. I’ll include exactly what I used, feel free to mesh it up as much as you can be bothered. xD

Basic Costume This section is pretty self-explanitory so you know, you don’t have to follow it word-for-word.

Start by brushing your hair. Sounds childish, I know, but trust me, it’s a lot easier to do it now.

Put on some top underneath, you’ll most likely be cold. Try and make sure you can’t see it through the dress, but you’ll have to make a personal judgement if you can. (:

Put on the dress and whatever you’re wearing on your legs, even if it’s just a pair of skin coloured tights.

Get on your shoes, or if you’d rather, put these on at the end, your choice.

The Details Okay, so you’re almost recognisable as an evil fairy, probably not, so now is the time to add the charm girls!

The wings are the most obvious, however I would leave them until you’ve done whatever else you are doing at this stage.

If you have thin hair, like me, then this is a great tip. I started off with a black hair band which had flowers and feathers etc. on it. I threw my hair forward, brushed it again, put in the hair band and tossed it back. Ta da, if you have thick hair, this doesn’t work so well, so you may want to straighten your hair and slide in the hair band, or just completely leave it out.

Now is the time, if you are doing so, to put on a stretchy belt or corset. With corsets, it may be better to leave this until after you have done your make up etc. but use personal judgement.

Then the wings, if you are wearing a cardigan, put this on first. Make sure the wings are straight and that you’re happy. Now all set to do your make up!

The Finishing Touches – Make Up OK, after that last stage, I bet you are looking more and more like a fairy. Now for the final touches. I’ll guide you through exactly what I’ll be doing, edit it as much as you like, or just do it all yourself.

First of all, after moisturising and cleansing, sweep your face with some white powder, or leave it out if you want to be a bolder fairy.

Then, apply a touch of some pale, sparkly eyeshadow. Put some of this on your cheeks too, doesn’t sound good, but really works!

Now, grab some eyeliner in any colour, I’m using a dark red. Put the teensiest touch at the outer edge of your lower eyelid, going about a third of the way along. I’ve included a pic =P

Next, apply a lot of mascara, upper and lower. I presume most people require no assistance with this xD

Finally, lips. You will need either black, dark purple or red lipstick as well as some lipgloss, preferably clear. Apply the lipstick, carefully (!), and then the lipgloss on top. Just recoat the lipgloss whenever it rubs away, which it will do!

_So, that’s it. An evil fairy! I’ll upload some pics after this Halloween, as I’ve already said, feel free to edit anything on here, so long as you don’t post it as your own idea xD

Good luck with your costume!


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