Endeavour Grounded With Hydrogen Leak: More Time to Get NASA Costumes Ready!

The shuttle launch of Endeavour was canceled again this morning when the ground crew found a hydrogen leak at the Umbilical Carrier Plate. This is the second time the 7 person crew has been put on hold. The first launch date was June 13th, but it was canceled to make repairs. Having thought the problems were fixed, NASA scheduled the mission for June 17th at 5am Eastern Standard time. Program Manager LeRoy Cain told the media, they want to ensure safety before the shuttle is actually launched that is why they have reset the shuttle launch for July 11, 2009.

Astronaut Mark Polansky was online talking about his role in the mission. He stated that spaceflight is never a routine, so he is not disappointed to be waiting a little longer. He and his team will be going back to a training schedule on Monday to keep prepared for the mission.

Endeavour’s crew is prepared for a 16 day mission in space where they will expand the Japanese laboratory located at the International Space Station. This is going to be a technical mission with three robots and five space walks in the mix.

While it is disappointing to have the mission put on hold again, we can find something fun about this delay. For people who love NASA costumes you now have a chance to get more creative in honor of the 7 man crew waiting to take off. Not only can you create your own astronaut costume based on the Endeavours launched, but you can add a few robot costumes to your party.

You can even construct your own space station for a costume. Just think about the creativity involved in creating a whole or partial space station or adding some Japanese symbols to your costume. Show your spirit and your support for these 7 people before, during and after their mission with your own style of costume!

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