Eminem piles on the costumes for new video

Guess who’s back? Back again. Eminem just released his latest album, Relapse this month along with his new single, “We Made You.”

While Eminem has always been something of a colorful character, Marshall Mathers has never been a stranger to playing dress up in his videos to get into additional characters. This time around, it’s no different. In spite of having been away from the music industry for five years, his return to rap hasn’t seen him changed, besides having sobered up.

His rhymes are still as catchy, comical, and controversial as ever on Relapse and his sense of parodying popular culture is still finely tuned. As evidenced by the video for “We Made You”, Eminem lampoons nearly any celebrity in the public eye you can think of, playing them himself or with other actors in the video costumed as the celebrities they’re poking fun at. (Dr. Dre even dresses up as Captain Kirk!)

Who would have thought that you could look to Eminem for costume ideas? The dude (or his video production team) have put together some fun and funny costumes based on celebrities and current trends:

Here you have Dre and Eminem dressed as Kirk and Spock:

Eminem and Dre - Kirk and Spock

Apparently, Eminem has logged many hours of “Rock of Love” with Bret Michaels as evidenced by his blonde, bewigged version of Poison’s frontman. If you want to learn how to make your own version, check out our DIY tutorial on how to make a Bret Michaels costume!

Eminem as Bret Michaels

From there, Eminem goes back and does his own version of Dustin Hoffman’s savant character from Rain Man:


And of course, there’s the requisite Sarah Palin lookalike thrown into the video for good measure. You can craft your own Alaskan governor costume with a Sarah Palin mask or check out how to make your own Sarah Palin costume:

Sarah Palin in the Eminem video

Several other famous faces (or actors playing them) appear in “We Made You” including Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, and Eminem dressed as Elvis Presley, circa The King’s “Jailhouse Rock”-era.

Welcome back to the music world, Eminem. Lord knows it needs more of a shot in the arm than Amy Winehouse at 3AM!

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