Dust of Your Tommy Guns Gangster Costumes Are Back!

Public Enemies, which releases on July 1st 2009, is all about the Greatest Crime Wave to ever hit the USA. The film is based on the book by Bryan Burrough. The plot is set in 1933 to 1934 during the Great Depression. The main focus is on FBI agent Melvin Purvis who was trying to stop John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd. These three men where some of the top criminals in America in their day. The FBI agent played by Christian Bale is working to stop these criminals from their Midwest Crime Spree of robbing banks. John Dillinger is played by Johnny Depp.

A recent trailer of the film shows Dillinger getting caught by Purvis, but he gets away meeting up with his love interest to go on more of a crime spree throughout the USA. The film shows the story as one of good against bad, as the ultimate drama. With Depp in the cast one can be pretty sure of the movies success, since he has been the star of several hit movies including all three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Gangster costumes are going to grow in popularity with the film, giving us plenty of time to get our costumes together before Halloween. Tommy guns, long black overcoats, and suits will be needed to make the John Dillinger costume from Public Enemies.

Then there is the fact that some of the costumes from the past might just resurface. During the 80’s when Dick Tracy was first introduced Gangster costumes were a hit. So you might have to dust off your Tommy guns from the past and dress up in a Dick Tracy costume.

There are plenty of options when you consider Bugsy Segal, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd. These are a few names of gangsters from history that have had a deep impact on the US. With Public Enemies you know that the story will be based on the true accountings of Dillinger and his gang of bad boys.

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