Dust of those Sarah Palin masks! She’s baa-aack!

If you picked up a Sarah Palin mask sometime during 2008, it looks like you made a wise investment. And if you’ve gotten a pair of Even though she was a bust as a Vice Presidential candidate in the 2008 elections, television news network FOX picked up “Sarah Baracuda” as an on-air political analyst and commentator. After stepping down as the Governor of Alaska, everyone assumed Palin had just “Gone Rogue,” with her book and subsequent signing tour. Apparently, she had other plans in the works. Looks like Tina Fey will get more mileage out of her lookalike status…and a few more guest spots on Saturday Night Live.

Her multi-year tenure should be in full-swing in the very near future, giving you ample time to dust off your best conservative business suit and sexy librarian glasses or pick up a pair for a pundit party to ease the winter boredom. For some more ideas, check out our DIY hints on how to put together a great Sarah Palin costume or get some pointers to get FOX’s newest addition’s mannerisms down pat with a “Being Sarah Palin” tutorial.

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