Duck Bills


Quack-blasting volume for pulling ducks in flooded fields and open water. Its easy-to-use, custom double-reed set is hand-tuned and -tested for ringing top-end hails and pure bottom-end duck. Polycarb...
Brand: Bill SaundersMerchant: Cabela's
Value-loaded, ultrarealistic Cabelas Northern Flight Blue Bill Duck Decoys boast incredibly detailed features, true-to-nature colors with peak breeding plumage, and extremely accurate body shapes and ...
Brand: Cabela'sMerchant: Cabela's
7.5Manufacturer: Duck House
Brand: Duck HouseMerchant: Walmart US
7.5Manufacturer: Duck House
Brand: Duck HouseMerchant: Walmart US
The MOJO Outdoors MOJO Blue Bill Floater provides the perfect decoy toure in game birds. Sitting atop a virtually unsinkable foam base, the durable float moves and shifts around to mimic real ducks at...
Merchant: Bass Pro Shops
This stylish duck billed ivy style hat features a plaid printed exterior and a fully lined interior. There is also a covered elastic in the back to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. 100% AcrylicGre...
Brand: Luxury DivasMerchant: Walmart US
Electric Fence Accessory / Brand : Zareba / Product Width : 3 in. / Product Length : 2-3/8 in. / Product Height : 6-3/4 in. / Package Width : 3 in. / Package Length : 2-3/8 in. / Package Height : 6-3/...
Brand: ZarebaMerchant: Tractor Supply Company
Bead Breaking Wedge (Duck-Billed) - 30 Inch Wood Handle (T11E) Handle Number 35129
Brand: Ken-ToolMerchant: Walmart US
Features and Benefits: Handled bead-breaking wedges for use on passenger, truck, bus, farm, tractor, and aircraft tires Use with soft- face hammers Breaks beads quickly and easily Handle serves as lev...
Brand: Ken-ToolMerchant: Walmart US
Australian Duck-billed platypus. Ornithorhynchus anatinus. From The National Encyclopaedia published c.1890. was reproduced on the finest Canvas which captures all of the vivid colors and details of t...
Brand: PosterazziMerchant: Walmart US

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