Dragons Can Be Cuddly: With Your How to Train a Dragon Costume

Dragons, the mythical beasts most likely patterned on a real live reptile. Dragons are a thing that always excite and thrill people when they are on the big screen whether they are something like Pete’s Dragon who is a fun loving dragon or dangerous deadly creatures from films like Reign of Fire. A new film was released into theaters Friday March 26, 2010 called How to Train Your Dragon. You might recognize the title from the Olympic commercials shown in February advertising this quirky, yet animated film.

Finally having a chance to see the film on Tuesday, I have a review of the potential costumes you could create from this film including more than 10 different dragon costumes. The first costume is the cuddly dragon the Night Fury, considered a very dangerous dragon in the film it is learned the Night Fury is actually a loveable creature. This costume requires a completely black dragon with a rounded flat head, a large wing span, and long black tail. It does not walk upright, but walks on all fours offering similar size limbs. It has a number of kitty like poses as well as a very interesting gargoyle style look. With this costume you would need a harness since the main character Hiccup rode him.

Hiccup brings us to another costume idea- the Viking Costume. Hiccup along with his cohorts are all Vikings in a northern village that is constantly picked on by dragons. I won’t reveal the secrets of the film since it is full of comedy and some great graphics and you should see it yourself. It is truly a film for all ages as children will be delighted by the story and older adults will get the jokes being made. It also has a pretty good moral for a fairy tale like plot.

For the Viking costume you will need a grey handmade style tunic, with brown leather pants. You might also want to through in a Viking helmet complete with the harms. For Hiccup a harness style armor is required. You could also be the female Viking with a leather skirt and have three costumes from the movie.

The detail of the graphics will offer you a look at how your costume should look and how you can form it. Certainly you have the option of buying a premade Viking look, but for those who enjoy a bit more character how to’s are provided for making your own.

How to Train your Dragon takes us back to olden days of Viking warriors, dragons, and the god Oden. It is a cinch to pull a variety of looks from this movie for your next costume party, especially as it becomes your favorite animated film in 2D or 3D for the year!

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