Dolley Madison

My daughter is doing a wax museum in school. She is going to be Dolley Madison. Any ideas for how I can make her look like Dolley Madison? Also any other ideas you may have would be fabulous! She needs props etc…

ICAN4720FeaturesIncludes hanging accessoriesArtist: Dolley MadisonMade with 100pct cotton canvas100pct Anti-shrink pine wood bars and Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks100pct Hand-made and inspected in...
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*Includes pictures of the Madisons and important people, places, and events in their lives. *Includes a Bibliography for further reading. They seemed like an unusual couple from the outset. In 1794, D...
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Delightful and discerning. In this evocative study a remarkable woman, creator of the first lady' role, comes vividly to life." "The New York Times"When the roar of the Revolution had finally died dow...
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A profile of Dolley Madison (1768-1849) , the spouse of fourth U.S. president James Madison, who transformed the role of president's wife and became America's "first" first lady. The biography include...
First Lady of the United States and America's "Queen of Hearts," Dolley Madison fashioned an unofficial role for herself in the new administration of the United States, helping to answer the nation's ...
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Paperback, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015, ISBN13 9780544582446, ISBN10 0544582446
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A biography of first lady Dolley Madison discusses her early life, time in the White House, and later life.
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Known as the Father of the Constitution, James Madison served two terms as the fourth president, from 1809 until 1817. Determined that all Americans be treated fairly, he devised our three branches of...
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