Dogs in Harry Potter Costumes

How cute!! A nice collection of photos put together by


Yer a wizard, Harry, and a thumpin' good one I'd wager, once yer trained up a bit, o' course. Some people are destined for greatness and Harry Potter is one of those people. ""The boy who lived"" had ...
If you hate being a muggle so much, then stop being one. All you have to do is put on this Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Costume and wave your wand around and say something like ""Wingardium leviosa!"" Ho...
Earn some points for your house this Halloween by wearing the proper robe with this Harry Potter costume. This robe has the crest of the greatest house in the school of Hogwarts on it. So be sure to p...
Includes a deluxe Harry Potter Quidditch ankle length robe is crimson with attached hood, yellow side stripes, front laces for closure and a Gryffindor crest. This is an officially licensed Harry Pott...
Goggles, hooded robe and Golden Snitch. Available in children's size Standard. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter accessory.
Includes robe. Does not include glasses, tie, shirt or shoes.
Includes: Robe. Does not include shirt, tie, pants, shoes or glasses. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.
Includes dress, waist piece and mask. Does not include shoes.

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