Do It Yourself Pluto Costume

Formerly known as Pluto the Pup, the lovable canine companion of Mickey Mouse (although he has been known to spend time with Donald and/or Daisy Duck, as well as Minnie Mouse) made his first appearance in 1930 in the cartoon short, “_ìThe Chain Gang”¬ù. Unlike the other Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy and Goofy), however, Pluto does not speak; rather, he shows his emotions and reactions through facial expressions and the occasional yip, howl, whimper, or bark.

Pluto can be a fun costume for Halloween, and can be worn by both males or females. It is fairly easy to make, requiring only some material and a large green dog collar as the accessory.

Items Needed:

* You can actually choose from several different things to make Pluto’s body. These can include:

> A tan or light-brown body suit.

> Tan or light-brown thermal underwear sets (pants and top.) If you use this, look for the sets that are not ribbed, but rather have a smoother texture.

> A tan or light-brown long-sleeved t-shirt and tan or light-brown tights or leggings.

* Two pair “ìmonster”¬ù feet house slippers, tan or light-brown. These are the ones that look like huge monster “ìpaws”¬ù. OR you can use tan or light-brown mittens.

* A tan or brown head ski cap.

* Black felt material OR black socks.

* A green dog collar, very plain, no studs or decorations.

* Face paint or make-up.


You’re actually only making the ears and tail. Here are the directions for those, as well as instructions on how to use the make-up or face paint.


1. Cut two pieces of black felt in an oval shape about 2″¬ù or 3″¬ù wide and about 4″¬ù or 5″¬ù long. If you are using black socks make them as long as possible, and simply cut them down the front or side so that they open up and can lie flat.

2. Attach the black felt or black socks to the tan ski cap, using pins or fabric glue.


Cut a 4″¬ù or 5″¬ù piece of felt, or use a black sock. Roll the piece of felt or the sock tightly to make a narrow roll. Then attach it to the “_ìtail”¬ù portion of your costume.

(photo credit: ackook on flickr

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