District 9 Gives Us New Alien Costumes!

It’s not going to be Aliens all over again or even ET, instead it is a new idea based on the good old Aliens come from space to Earth to inhabit our planet! Each year it seems Hollywood tries to outdo themselves with a new idea about Aliens existing. We all tend to wonder if we are alone, and those in District 9 are about to find out they are definitely not alone.

The Plot: Thirty years ago in the film Aliens came to Earth. Many of those on Earth felt the Aliens were going to be hostile or even try to attack. They thought the Aliens might have advances in technology they knew nothing about. Yet, nothing untoward came. The Aliens seemed to be living among them they set up in South Africa’s District 9. The humans on the other hand decided to undertake a job in which they try to figure out the Aliens weaponry system. Each time they try they fail. As the story continues one man is able to understand the technology, and the only safe place is in District 9.

So will these Aliens eventually turn on the human race? Or will they just be offering top notch costumes for Halloween? District 9 is being released August 14th, 2009 in plenty of time for us to see what Alien costumes we can come up with. They will not look like AVP costume choices or even ET costumes. Instead the Alien costumes will be akin to Transformers costume options if the trailers are anything close to giving us an idea. The Aliens in District 9 or D-9 seem to be huge metal machines, with a slightly scary bent to them. The head is the most fascinating aspect with whisker like projections, and antenna on the top of the head. If you want D-9 Costumes you might want to also have a spaceship along with you! It’s time to see if the world will be destroyed by Aliens again or if they bring Peace.

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