Dial up A PlayStation Phone Costume Now!!

PlayStation was a great move on Sony’s part when they began creating the consoles back in the 90’s. Not only did they rival Nintendo, but in many households they have surpassed Nintendo as the console to have. PlayStation is in their third at home console and offers the PlayStation Portable for anyone who wants to play their favorite games away from home. As a revolutionary technology company Sony continues to come up with great ideas. The PSP can already get online for updates, to play with other players, and basically just enjoy the mobility offered by the console.

A report has come in that Sony may be updating their PSP for something a little different. With cell phones being important for gaining online websites and the 3G technology surround the iPhones is it any wonder that Sony has been working on a new idea.

The question being asked of consumers is: are they willing to stop working their thumbs on a video game long enough to answer a phone call? We already have PSP consoles and cell phones as separate entities. Many of us may pause the game to answer an important call from a friend, but what if you didn’t have to carry around two devices? Sony told Nikkei Business Daily that they are working on an electronic model that will be a hybrid Cell Phone and Gaming Device.

Just imagine getting rid of some of the items you carry in your pocket for a hybrid. The device is still in production so when it will arrive or if it will is up for debate. Sony is still trying to determine why someone might want to halt their Final Fantasy or God of War game to answer the phone. Sony has been trying to break into the cell phone world with Sweden’s Ericsson department. Unfortunately the Bravia was not as successful as other phones. Even the Cybershot has not been a great matching of the two companies.

Sony has been trying to find out if the PSP audience wants a multi functional device. For us costume partiers one thing is for certain. Final Fantasy Costumes or other Cosplay costumes are just the tip of the iceberg.

This year in honor of the innovative idea to mesh cell phones with PSP, you might just have to show your support with a PSP Phone Costume. Other experts are saying that Sony will most likely abandon this platform of gaming and smartphone marriage, but are they sure? Haven’t we watched anime, dressed in anime costumes, and been wowed with technological ideas, and wishing we had something that was really like the animation? Time will tell if the costume creation is as far as the new Sony idea goes!

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