Damon Baird Cosplay

> Calen Hoffman has created one of the most amazing Gears of War cosplays we have ever seen.

No doubt. Here is a picture of the real one:


Amazing heh?

So you might wonder how long this took him to create:

>I started my Baird suit in June. I only had 3 months to make it. I decided to go with foam because it is faster and I wanted to try it out really badly. Now I love working with the stuff!! I put somewhere in the area of about 130-180 hours of work into the suit when all was said and done. Between that, a full time job, and life, I barely finished in time. I started with the boot(I love those huge stompers), then I did the chest and worked my way down.

> It is made almost entirely out of foam, besides the goggles. They’re hand sculpted out of clay and casted out of fiberglass. First I sketched out what I thought the piece would look like flat, onto posterboard. Then I adjusted them A LOT and re-drew them what seemed to be about 1 billion times before I got them exactly right. Then I traced the templates onto the foam sheet and cut them out. After they were all cut out, I cleaned the edges and angled them (with a rotary tool) to where they needed to be. When I had them where I liked them, I hot glued them together. Using a heat gun works great for curving the foam where it needs to be curved.

> After I had the shape I wanted for each piece, I would add the battle damage. Then painting was the next step, which is where it sort of starts coming together. I used spray paint for the base coats then I used acrylics for details and blackwashing. After that, it is just a matter of lighting and strapping. The lighting is done with simple LEDs and opaque plastic covering the hole.

Read the entire interview here.

And view all the photos here.


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