Dale Evans Costume

I have look everywhere but can only find this costume for litte girls, very little girls.

A fancy western shirt w/yoke decorated with stars, horseshoes, western flowers, etc.

She always wore white boots, or mostly anyway. Same for her hat.

The skirt should be full but not as full as a circle skirt. It should have details matching the shirt.

She never wore black or a black hat/boots.

A wig would be nice, she had two looks. Early on shoulder length curly blond hair and then shorter brown hair. Personally I prefer her blond look as that is the Dale Evans I remember.

The shirt/skirt could also be trimed w/fringe. She did not wear indian maiden style fringe but seems it was just regular fiber fringe.

Her hat was different than the cowgirl hats I have seen today. Not so tall and the brim a little flatter. She wore it on the back of her head so mostly you see the brim.

Sometimes she had a scarf around her neck, seems this was when she was riding?

I would love this costume, right now I am having a hard time finding anything and have to buy a retro western shirt and then make a co-ordinating skirt.

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