Daisy Duck Costume

Daisy Duck was created by Walt Disney in 1940. She made her debut in “_ìMr. Duck Steps Out”¬ù which was first shown on June 7 of that year. Her usual role is that of Donald Duck’s girlfriend and Minnie Mouse’s closest friend.

Daisy Duck, too, can have a quick temper, and speaks in the same spluttering voice as Donald. She usually has better control over her emotions, however. And, while Donald has his three nephews, Daisy has three nieces”‚ÄùApril, May, and June.

A Daisy Duck costume can be cute on Halloween, and is very easy to make. It only has a few pieces and needs only two or three accessories.

Items Needed:

* Yellow tights or leggings

* A white long-sleeve t-shirt.

* A white skirt that is ruffled at the bottom. It should flare slightly at the hem.

* Blue material for making the puffy sleeves (you want it to be a shade darker than the sleeveless blouse.

* A light-blue, sleeveless blouse or tank top. If you choose a tank top, make sure the shoulder straps are fairly wide as you will be attaching the sleeves to the blouse.

* Thin pieces of heavy cardboard, styrofoam, or other rigid material, enough to cut two pieces.

* Yellow felt material

* Ribbon or elastic, enough to fit around your head and tie in the back

* Accessories:

> Blue pumps to match the puffed sleeves, with 1″¬ù to 2″¬ù heels.

> A chunky green bracelet.

> A blue hairbow, to match the puffed sleeves

> White gloves.

> Face paint or make-up

> A duck’s bill


The only things you will actually have to make are the puffy sleeves and duck bill. You should be able to buy the other things at a thrift store or second hand shop.


1. Measure from the end of the sleeve that is closest to your arm to just above your elbow. Then cut enough of the blue material to match that measurement. Cut plenty of material, as you don’t want the sleeves to be skin tight; rather, you will be “_ìblousing”¬ù the material.

2. Attach the material to the end of the sleeve that is closest to your arm so that it forms a sleeve, then join it at the back to hold it together from top to bottom. You can sew the material, or use safety pins or fabric glue to attach the material and join it together. Do this on both sides, but leave the bottom part of the sleeve open.

3. Use old socks, material scraps, or crumpled tissue paper to give the sleeves their puffy appearance. After you have stuffed the sleeves, then fasten the bottom. When you put the costume on, you can re-arrange the stuffing, and tuck the bottoms of the sleeves under slightly.


1. Cut a 1″¬ù oval from one piece of your rigid material, but make one end slightly wider than the other end.

2. Cut a Ǭ“¬ù oval, again making one end slighter wider than the other one.

3. Cover both sides of the cut pieces with the yellow felt material. You can use pins, stitching, or fabric tape to hold the felt in place.

4. Fasten the two parts of the bill together, but only on either side. Leave the middle open. If you wish, you can go ahead and attach the ribbon or elastic to both sides before fastening the two parts together.

If you wish, you can use white face paint or powder to make your face appear whiter.

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