Credit Crunch Costumes Overtuning the Blues

Since 2007 the news has been full of the words credit crunch, credit crisis, recession, and foreclosure. Don’t let the news get you down. Turn around your blues and fight the talk, even if it is only with a costume party. The mundane can be wiped clean with just a little fun.

Sure a party typically costs you something, especially a costume party. You have to buy the costumes, get the food, and spend money. Today the news is telling us that most families do not have the money to spare on frivolity! For most it is true, but why spend money?

Do you have can goods you never touch? Perhaps you have a week’s worth of leftovers? If every family invited to your little soiree looks in their fridge, closet, or cupboards I bet you would find enough food to host a pretty decent party. Leftover wine from your anniversary, a couple of beers, a drink mix you didn’t care for? Grab it all. You have spent your hard earned dollars on the items why not throw a party to use them instead of eventually putting them in the trash.

We have the food covered, let’s take a look at your wardrobe! Do you have a couple of dresses you don’t wear anymore? Perhaps you have some clothing that you were going to donate to thrift store? Old sheets you never use? Curtains that are too ratty to hang? I’ve got it you are one of the million families with a soiled table cloth you can’t use anymore! The point is you don’t have to spend money to have a Credit Crunch Party.

You just need an imagination! Our first costume is the Credit Card. According to studies most families have at least 2 to 3 credit cards in their wallet, if not an average of ten. You could probably make a perfect costume using the plastic in your wallet, but we’ll go for some unused fabric you have hanging around. It doesn’t matter what color the fabric is you can make a credit card costume with it. You have two ways of making the credit cards. If your theme for the Credit Crunch party is cutting up your plastic to stop the cycle we are all in, then consider a Cut Credit Card Costume. Rather than a whole credit card you have little pieces of plastic throughout the costume, with tiny little numbers, and letters.

House Costume

If a credit card theme is not up your alley, we have something else. That’s right folks! In honor of the Foreclosure rates of the USA- We have the Foreclosure House Party. Take the extra fabric you have lying around and create your House costume. You might pattern it after your own home or one that has been recently foreclosed. Another option is the foreclosure costume in which you create a foreclosure notice or sign as the costume. What better way to celebrate having to leave your community due to a foreclosure than going out in style! Don’t let the blues of the credit crunch get to you. Celebrate what you have left- Your Family and Friends. The people who support you and know that you can survive no matter what is thrown at you!

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