Create a Mulan costume easily

Mulan is quite a legend and any teenager or child might be interested in being Mulan for a costume party or Halloween. If you don’t wish to purchase a costume you can find supplies to create your own based on the instructions below. The Samurai costume will be described below, but you do have the Geisha costume choice as well.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black knee high socks

* Black slippers

* Grey tights or leggings

* Long grey shirt, like a tunic style

* Green tank top

* 2 to 3 inch black belt

* Black wrist bands

* Black cardboard

* Black shirt


Step 1: In the first step you will need the tunic and grey leggings this is a basic step to the costume, so as long as you can find the right material or if you have the right clothes at home you will be fine.

Step 2: Over the grey clothing comes the more detailed costume. We will start at the feet and work our way up to the head. You will need white socks and black high socks or black leg warmers. Then on the feet you will need the black slippers.

Step 3: The body armor will come next. Directly on top of the grey tunic you need to have a green tank top. And black skirt. The black skirt will act as the bottom of the armor. Around the green shirt you need the black belt. This belt is another piece of the armor. On the shoulders you should have a black cardboard style shoulder protection that goes on the back as well.

To complete the costume you will need the black wrist bands. You also need to have a typical hair style of the Chinese during this time, which was a bit of long hair in a bun on the top of the head wrapped with a black tie. You can also buy a wig for this if you need to.

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