CostumZee V.2 is live!

It has been an incredible couple of weeks for the team at We finally have pushed live the new version V.2 of the website!

If you haven’t had a chance to browse the website, here are some of the new features and improvements we made:

A new design, a new logo! First of all, we have spent quite some time coming up with a clean look for the website, the design should allow you to better navigate and find what you are looking for.

The CostumZee Billboard: this is a new feature that we’re really excited to introduce. It will complement the top 100 popular costume ideas that has been one of the most used feature on the website but with the introduction of the billboard we are not able to separate popular vs bestselling costume ideas. We also added the billboard at the costume idea level, you can now easily see if a costume idea is popular or if it’s a has-been!

Community Driven: we added several features to let you, the users, help us to make CostumZee an even greater resource for costume ideas. Starting this week, any of our members can add a description to any costume idea, as well as adding links, photos and videos! Do you know a great website or blog that covers a costume idea, submit it! Do you have pictures or videos of yourself dressed in a costume? Find the costume idea page using the search in the header, and submit it! Check out the spiderman costume page for instance.

Who’s visiting: we added widgets all over CostumZee to show you who’s visiting the website. Don’t forget to add an avatar to your profile cause if you do not, you’ll get the generic shadow avatar 🙂 It’ll take a second to do so and it will look a lot nicer!

Enhanced discussion forum: we have improved the forum and its functions to make it easier to use. You can also now browse the forum discussions by tag, by category or by search.

Earn points: you will get rewarded for your actions on CostumZee! Add a picture, a link, a video, a description, a discussion, a comment or simply signup and you will earn points. Even though the current rewarding system is purely symbolic, we might look into turning those points into real rewards! More about this later on this year.

Coupon codes and deals for our members: to thank you for being part of the CostumZee community, we are giving you access to coupon codes and shipping deals available at some of our online partners. We will make sure to list the latest offers and soon will integrate those savings directly at a product level to make it easier to save on your next costume purchase… stay tuned!

Spread the word about CostumZee – Help us grow! We are always looking to get known even more, so please DO NOT hesitate to share CostumZee with your friends and family. You can send an signup invite up to 3 people at a time using the Tell your Friends form.

Don’t miss any Holidays! We have added new sections: a Holiday and a Theme section. You will be able to keep track of upcoming Holidays and make sure you get your costume on time! We are also working on theme related sections such as the presidential candidates , cosplay and school plays.

And a lot more… Browse around, you’ll see it all!

So how did we do? Is the new version of CostumZee easier to use? Is it missing features that you would like to see?

Please leave us a comment below to let us know!!

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