Costumzee Coverage

We got some nice coverage this week from TechCrunch, Search Engine Watch, and Google Blogoscoped.

It was a very nice write up from TechCrunch:

Search by tag, see related costumes, review costumes, give costume ideas ratings by stars, build your profile – it’s a little hard to find the RSS URL for a search but other than that Costumzee is very 2.0 and the company knows it. You can also view other users’ lists of costume ideas, so if you’re dying to find out what Michael Arrington is going to dress up as this year (?) perhaps you’ll be able to find out after he reads this post. The most important part of the site is that users can make their own costume suggestions – this is more than just a one way trip through affiliate links.

It’s nice to get some great feedback on our vertical search model. It is absolutely much more than affiliate links. Thanks for noticing, Marshall.

We’re working on that RSS feed, and other stuff.

Costumzee is not a Halloween site. We left the word ‘halloween’ out of the domain name intentionally. It’ll continue to grow long after this Halloween season. We’re hoping folks will come back after the holiday to post their costume pics and share some stories.

And costumes are good for all times of year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), so we’ll keep it going strong.

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