CostumZee Announces their 2007 Halloween “Pop-10” Costume List

Released today…

October 4, 2007 —, the top Halloween costume ideas website and search engine reports its 2007 Halloween Pop 10 list, the most popular costume ideas for the 2007 Halloween season:

Hannah Montana

The 300

High School Musical



Burger King


GEICO Caveman

Pirates of the Carribean (Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann)


“There will always be the perennial favorites like princesses and witches, but it’s really interesting to see how pop culture shapes Halloween each year,” says Scott Jangro of CostumZee. “Over the years, we’ve observed that the top costume list changes continually based on what’s popular in television, film, and even advertising. Therefore, we’ve developed our own Halloween Pop 10 List based on data from over a million visitors so far this season.”

Recent examples of costume ideas that have risen to the top quickly are the caveman costume based on those in the GEICO television commercials and the new pilot on ABC, the Doodlebops, and Hairspray. But Disney’s Hannah Montana and High School Musical are the runaway TV favorites.

The most popular halloween costumes are often manufactured last minute, available only in limited quantities, and sell out quickly. Some of these costumes are already out of stock for the season and consumers may have to turn to alternative costume ideas.

What’s a trick-or-treater to do? CostumZee has gone through many changes this year to make it easy to find the trendiest costumes of the season.

In addition to the database of thousands of costume ideas, CostumZee has added a new and improved online forum where members can submit costume ideas, show off do-it-yourself creations, even post local Halloween events.

The Virtual Costume Party is also a new area on the website where members can select to “wear” a costume and see what others wear. There is also a Facebook application that anyone can install in their Facebook profile so share with their friends.

The CostumZee website has been redesigned on the inside and out. Using improved algorithms, it provides a more accurate view to which costumes are most popular, based on a number of factors. These improvements provide more accurate and relevant search results and allows CostumZee to show only products currently available at more than a dozen online costume retailer partners.

“With product availability being such an important issue, we partner with as many online costume retailers as we can to provide every avenue possible to find that must-have costume,” says Jangro. “But when they’re gone they’re gone.”

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