Costume Spectacular!! The New Transformers Trailer

Revenge Has Never Been Seen Until You Witness the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen New Trailer! The first trailer has been out for months. We learn much of the story that the new movie is based on. However, in this new trailer we see a helicopter destroyed. We also see what looks like a metal animal bent on brining death. As the autobots and decepticons fight once more all bets are off.

Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes are in the thick of things again. Only this time what the decepticons want is in Sam’s mind. With travels around the world to Egypt, ultimate destruction, and valor it is no wonder most of us can’t wait until June 24, 2009 to see the movie.

Megatron Costume

Bumblebee is learning he isn’t allowed to follow Sam to college, and Mikaela will also be left behind. Unfortunately Sam stumbles on a piece of the cube left over from the last fight. He starts writing down various symbols. Sam goes to Optimus Prime to ask him what is going on. We learn at this juncture there were a few secrets the autobots were keeping.

One of the greatest lines of the movie has been shared with us in this top notch trailer: “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”¬ù After you see this trailer you can’t help but go out and find your Transformers costume.

Optimus Prime costumes are spectacular for the new movie. He’s had a change of finishes in regards to his paint. Instead of the blues and reds of 2007, Optimus will be in a darker truck, with reds, blues, and yellows. This magnificent costume is just one of many though.

The top decepticon will also be available for anyone who feels the need for a little evil. Megatron costumes are pretty much silver and black, with a mask of infinite destruction. You might want to be wary of this guy though. After being sunk in the deepest ocean trench he’s a little cranky.

Bumblebee costume

Our favorite pick for transformers costumes is Bumblebee. Bumblebee Transformer Costumes bring out the yellow and black we all know hides the Camero. And what a car! Bumblebee will be keeping his shiny finish with a great look.

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