Costume Party Tips for 2010

With a new year comes new and different heroes and heroines for children to dress up as for their next costume party. We’ve got a few tips for you regarding how to get your children’s or your costume party off to the right start.

You will first need a theme, which is where we will come in. What themes are out there for the new year, which may not have been before? What costumes are your children most likely going to want? Their age is going to be a factor. Just as the costume party for adults will be based on your favorite things. Here are some of the top costume party themes:


“¬¢Tinker Bell

“¬¢Mickey Mouse

“¬¢Thomas the Train

“¬¢Little Einsteins

“¬¢Robin Hood

“¬¢Star Trek

“¬¢Decades Party

This list is just some of the top party ideas for 2010. Note that some of the ideas are all about children’s most popular television shows. The true guide to any costume party theme is in what your children enjoy watching. It could be anything, from a silly commercial like a Geico Gecko Costume or a Homer Simpson Costume party. For young children the theme is definitely about what they find interesting in that moment.

As children get older they can have a say in the costume party themes. Teenagers may be strongly for Twilight Costumes, especially with the third movie in the book series hitting theatres later in 2010. Harry Potter Costumes will once again hit the theme line as the seventh, and second to last final movie comes into play.

Once you have the theme you will be able to start suggesting costumes to the party goers. You do not want to have ten little Harry Potter’s arrive at the party, so the best thing to do is find out what the favorite characters are from the theme you have chosen. Assigning costumes is not going to inspire much fun, but we do have another method. The hat trick is great for finding the right costume. Simple have everyone choose a piece of paper with a name written on it. This allows for an equal chance.

If you do elect to go this way you might have to plan ahead regarding the hat trick. A meeting of parents or children a week before the party can have them already showing up dressed. The other option is to pool all costume bits that you have, ask other parents to chip in from their stash and make the costumes while the children are at the party.

One of the more entertaining costume parties is more about picking from a pile of clothes to design a costume than actually having a theme from the get go. It allows the attendees to use their imagination out of what lies around them. These are just some of the ideas we have on offer for costume parties in 2010.

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