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Remember "The Sopranos" auction that took place last month at Christie's? The overall auction brought in $187,750 which is pretty amazing.

Well, another celebrity auction is taking place this month via, "The Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction", from July 21 to August 6.

Noticeable items for sale include:

Marilyn Monroe - her Personal Denim Jeans that she wore in the film "River of No Return," given to Britney Spears by Tommy Hilfiger.

Elvis Presley's 1967 "ËśClambake" Millionaire Suit.

Britney Spears: The t-shirt that Spears gave to one of her grandmothers is expected to reach as much as $20,000 not only because it has the singer's handwritten "I love you grandma" on it, but also because it was signed by fellow Mouseketeers including Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Keri Russell.

Johnny Cash's San Quentin Jumpsuit.

Elvis Presley Famous "Peacock" jumpsuit worn on stage extensively in 1974.

Wanna disguise as one of those celebrities for Halloween? If you have a few tens of thousands of dollars aside, it might be your luck!

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