How to make a Mike "The Situation" / Jersey Shore Guido costume

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You gotta love "The Situation." He's all over the tube thanks to MTV's new reality show, "Jersey Shore," and pumping his fist on the late night talk show circuit. You, too, can be a hit with the ladies, even if you can't do as many crunches. Check out this simple DIY tutorial to get you on the Guido track in no time!

Things You'll Need

  • Hair gel
  • Spray tan or self-tanner
  • Fake Chest and abs OR
  • Airbrush makeup (to airbrush your "abs")
  • Tight jeans
  • Ed Hardy knockoff shirt OR
  • Pair of floral board shorts
  • Gold chain
  • OPTIONAL: Black magic marker

Putting together your Mike "The Situation" / Jersey Shore Guido costume

Step 1: Bust out the hair gel! You'll want to do your 'do right and slick it up high in the middle with the sides nice and tight. (Or, you can go for the Pauly D Blow-Out if you have longer hair, applying lots of product before combing it out straight with an upward motion as you blow dry.)

Step 2: Make with the fake tanner if you don't already have that Guido Glow! If you don't own your own tanning bed, fear not! You can fake it with a spray tan or a self-tanning cream.

Step 3: Even if you don't have "The Situation"'s killer abs, you can fake that, too! Get an EVA set of Fake Abs and Chest. If you wish, you can even add a light coat of tan spray paint to match your newly darkened skin tone.

Step 4: If you don't have the abs but feel like flashing them, use some airbrush makeup or brown cream makeup do "draw on" your own six-pack. Whether you have the real thing or not and choose to flaunt them, you can optionally write "The Situation" in magic marker across and above your stomach as you hike that shirt up high and inform the ladies, "That's the situation, right there!"

Step 5: Put on your best fist-pumpin' clubwear, with an Ed Hardy (or knock off shirt, there's plenty of good ones with a similar look that you can score on the cheap) shirt and a pair of tight jeans. Rock a gold chain or two.

Step 6: Or, if you want to blast your chest and show everyone your abs, opt for a pair of long, floral boardshorts, possibly paired with an "Italian" tee similar to the ones sold at the Shore Store.

Step 7: Grab a bunch of friends and start fist pumpin' like a champ! Remember, you aren't JUST the party... You're "The Situation"!

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  • kylerroberts

    Posted by kylerroberts 4 years, 10 months ago

    hey, great costume plan, but i tried some types of hair gels and none of them seem to keep my hair up with the greasy looking affect, what kinda gel do you suggest?

  • mauiboy

    Posted by mauiboy 4 years, 10 months ago

    I purchased a Torso Tee from a store on Zazzle called TorsoTees. Turned out perfect for creating my Situatiion outfit. T-shirt is printed with image of a real male chest with great pecs & abs. Everyone loves it! The illusion makes me look so good I'll probably even wear after Halloween for fun. Here's the link if you need one.

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