How to Create a Rorschach Costume (Watchmen)

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Rorschach for those who have studied science most often brings to mind the test. However, for those of you into DC Comics the name Rorschach brings something else to the forefront. Rorschach is perhaps the most detailed character from Watchmen. Like the Rorschach test the character is like an ink blot with his face cover and anonymity. With the release of the movie in 2009 you will need to choose what costume you want for the party. There are several to choose from such as {Dr. Manhattan}, The Comedian, and for females out there Silk Spectre. While Rorschach may be mainstream of the comic you can still create something a little different. We have some materials and instructions below to help you out.

Materials Needed:

"¢ Trench Coat

"¢ Brown Gloves

"¢ Black Pants

"¢ Yellow Shirt

"¢ Black shoes

"¢ Pillow Case

"¢ Black Marker

"¢ Fedora


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is find all of the materials listed above. You have a couple of options when it comes to finding stuff. If you have to go outside you closet, consider thrift stores or online discount places.

Step 2: Once you have the materials it is pretty straight forward. You will start with the pants and shirt. Then over this main outfit you will need to put on the brown trench coat. The brown trench coat should be mid length. It will need to be tied at the waist, so that only a small portion of the shirt appears.

Step 3: Before putting on the rest of the costume you should make the face mask. You can always purchase the Rorschach Mask, but for more fun you can take a pillow case and marker. On the pillow case you do need eye slits that you can see clearly out of. Around the slits take the marker give yourself black eyes. Then the nose and mouth should also be blotted out.

Step 4: Once the mask is complete you will want to put the pillow case over your head, tuck in the ends, and place the Fedora on your head.

Step 5: Lastly pull on the gloves and your shoes.

Now you are ready to be a hero as Rorschach!

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