Haloween 2011: Ellen Degeneres Costume Ideas

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Ellen Degeneres asked her Facebook fan to suggest her a costume idea for Halloween, check out the suggestions below.

  • We love the Pixar lamp idea, Angry Birds (of course!) and Ryan Seacrest!
  • What do you think she will choose to be?
  • You should be a cruise ship ;) Mehe ♥
  • lady gaga would be very funny!
  • Truman Capote
  • were a mask of yourself.
  • I believe you would make a wonderful smurfet!
  • Be a clown.That’s what you do best,n wearing those clothes will add to the fun
  • Jr Smith Or lucy from I love lucy
  • Zombie
  • U think you should b…"wheres waldo!" U cud play the part so good! U can hide! Im 37 (i think!) And I love to hide! Lol
  • An Angry Bird :)
  • be a sock, a really cool one! or a hot one. But don’t be a boring one!
  • Clint Eastwood!!!!!!!
  • Buster Bluth.
  • I have a WOOPIE CUSHION costume you can borrow. Very very funny…..
  • Sofia vergara!
  • You should be adele.
  • A veggie dress instead of Lady Gaga’s meat dress…oh and Gaga’s hair.
  • How about Sonny and Cher. Sonny on the right side, and Cher on the left.
  • Go as a Garden gnome like the travilocity adds!!
  • Andy or Tony! Wow that would be great!
  • You would make a real cute Peter Pan, and come out flying into the stage would be so cool.
  • Charlie Chaplin… U r so funny Ellen!!! My kids love u and I do too..
  • Be Dory! Let them know we want to see Finding Nemo II. The fish are in bags for goodness sakes
  • Be a picket sign carrying a person
  • A stamp!!
  • a house plant
  • a cat to honor all the cats from cat week!
  • Anne the wicked witch crushed under the house.
  • Taylor Swift!
  • ryan seacreast
  • A toaster. You MUST be a toaster!
  • static cling.
  • Tattoo from Fantasy island!!
  • Be Kesha. Haha
  • Lamorte Mayhem!!!
  • BE a calculator
  • I think you would make a great shirley temple…lol
  • the gum under the table—- wear pink pajama’s cut cardboard in a square glue plates glasses and silverware on top. put it on your head . There ya go!!! your the gum under the table!!!! LOL
  • flo from progressive
  • Be a vending machine
  • a peacock!
  • Be the lamp that stomps the "I" in Pixar.
  • You Should be Snookie, or you should be Fergi and Tony Should be Wil.i.am
  • a bed sheet ghost
  • olive oil from popeye!
  • Half Tony half Andy lol
  • Wear a shirt that says, "GO CEILINGS!" on it and be a ceiling fan… =)
  • A 1950s nurse! Like ur insanely crazy look a like photo!
  • Kanye West!!!
  • One Nightstand. Make a nightstand out of cardboard…put a lampshade on your head and condoms on the nightstand… a one nightstand!
  • dr phil
  • Judge judy
  • Hello kitty

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