How to make a Stupid Cupid Costume

posted by Lana417 on (5 years, 11 months ago)

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. If you fall into this camp, then think of staging your own costumed protest with a Stupid Cupid costume.

Things You'll Need

Putting together your Stupid Cupid costume

Step 1: Wear a short, curly wig for Cupid's wavy locks.

Step 2: Pop in a pair of Hillbilly Teeth for a goofy grin to make Cupid look even more stupid.

Step 3: Pick up an adult diaper to wear or for much more exaggerated comedic value, grab a a large bolt of white fabric and tie it between your legs and tied at the waist, diaper-style. You can wear it over a pair of pants or whatever you want. For a funny touch, stuff the makeshift diaper with newspaper or cotton fiber fill for a large, padded rear end.

Step 4: Completely optional but great for a gross addition to your costume, grab a brown fabric pen and draw a large stain on the back.

Step 5: Pick up a red t-shirt and either slice it along the midriff or tuck it into your "diaper" and pad your stomach with newspaper or more of the fiber fill.

Step 6: Strap on a pair of feathered wings. If you want, you can find bendable ones that you can mangle for a look indicative of a Cupid who can't fly right.

Step 7: Pick up a Cupid Bow and Arrow to missfire!

Step 8: Put on a pair of shoes of your choice from flip flops to red high tops or even a pair of Grecian sandals and get ready to make some mis-matches!

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