How to make a Smurfette costume

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With the Smurfs on course for a 2011 animated/live action film, nostalgia will be rampant for these adorable blue critters. In what was essentially, a big, blue sausage fest, Smurfette stood out as the lone blue female (at least until Sassette and Grandma Smurf showed up in later seasons) in Smurf Village. Check out how to make a Smurfette costume with this simple tutorial.

Things You'll Need

Putting together your Smurfette costume

Step 1: Put on a long blonde wig.

Step 2: Pick up a white knit ski cap and remove any pompoms or decorations.

Step 3: Stuff the top of it with cotton batting or stuffing and shape it into the iconic Smurf hat shape, curled above your forehead. If you want to make it extra stiff, you can spray mount it in place. Put the hat on over your blonde wig.

Step 4: Put on a pair of blue leggings, blue longsleeved t-shirt, and socks.

Step 5: Put on a white sundress or short, sleeveless white dress over your blue attire.

Step 6: Put on some blue cream makeup on your face and/or hands (if you decide not to opt for blue gloves, although with a white dress, it's probably best to stick with gloves!)

Step 7: Put on a pair of false eyelashes.

Step 8: Put on a pair of white high heels.

Step 9: For an added bonus, put on a string of pearls or necklace to compliment your costume. Lookin' smurfy!

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