How to make a Mouse King costume?

posted by Barbaro on (6 years, 7 months ago)

The Mouse King is the villain in the Nutcracker ballet. This year, if you are in a play or just looking for a cute costume to wear to a Christmas part you might consider the Mouse King. The Mouse King has had several costumes depending on what version of the ballet you have watched. Often times he is seen as a big hairy rat rather than a cute mouse. We will have some suggestions below to help you create a nice Mouse King costume.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Before you can create the clothes for the mouse you actually have to create the mouse. You may want to find a mouse pattern from any fabric store to get the body of the costume, plus the tail. The brown fabric will help you get the mouse created, and even create a head if you need. The mouse ears can be sewn on to the costume or be a head band.

Step 2: Once the mouse part has been created, you will need to make the clothing. The pants should be blue and in a military look. The red jacket will also be a military style look with black buttons in two rows on the front.

Step 3: After the clothing has been created you just need to add the gold crown and some black knee high boots, with a sword.

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