How to make a Milton from Office Space costume

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Ask yourself: "Is this good for the company?" Chances are, as long as you've still got a job in this turbulent economy... Who cares!! Show your office apathy by dressing up as the ultimate disgruntled worker and pulling together a Milton from "Office Space" costume! Follow these simple DIY tips and you'll be ready to stick it to The Man in no time!

Things You'll Need

  • Short brown wig
  • Fake mustache
  • Spirit gum
  • Thick nerd glasses or drugstore reading glasses
  • Short sleeved button-down shirt
  • Black necktie
  • Black pants
  • Initech "badge"
  • Pocket protector
  • Black pants
  • Black nylon socks
  • Dress shoes
  • Padding for shirt (to give a round effect)
  • Red Swingline Stapler
  • OPTIONAL - Carton of matches and a Margarita drink

Putting together your Milton from Office Space costume

Step 1: Put on your short, sandy brown wig and matching mustache, adhering it to your upper lip with spirit gum. Milton isn't the most well-groomed guy, so a little hangage over your upper lip is perfectly okay.

Step 2: Put on your oversized thick nerd glasses or pick up a pair of cheap reading glasses from a drugstore.

Step 3: Put on a short-sleeved button down shirt and a plain, black tie. You can use your computer to print out and create a Milton/Initech "badge" to pin to your chest for "security" purposes.

Step 4: Fill a pocket protector with pencils and put it in the pocket of your shirt.

Step 5: Put on your black nylon socks, dress pants, and shoes for a simple, understated look that Milton favors.

Step 6: OPTIONAL: If you're not really as round as Milton, stuff your shirt with some padding for effect.

Step 7: Grab your prized, red Swingline stapler (you can pick them up at any office supply store) as the piece de resistance for this costume! You can also accessorize with a large box of matches and a margarita for a "celebratory" drink! Ummmmm.... Yeaaaahhhhhh....

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