How to make a Junie B. Jones costume

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Wowie wow wow! What's not to like about Junie B. Jones? She's this generation of young readers' version of Ramona Quimby and the fictional main character in a series of books written by Barbara Park. She's sassy, spunky, and has a close relationship with her family AND stuffed animals. Kids of all ages can easily put together a great Junie B. Jones costume. Just follow these steps and you'll be the hoot of the party!

Things You'll Need

Putting together your Junie B. Jones costume

Step 1: Put on your chin-length brown bob wig. If you can only find a longer version, you can cut it to resemble Junie's hairstyle. Mess it up a bit so you look like a haphazard kindergarten or first grader!

Step 2: Loop the bow underneath your hair and tie it at the top for an oversized look.

Step 3: Put on your pair of glasses, the bigger the better to look more like Junie's exaggerated frames.

Step 4: Dress up in your shirt and skirt. Junie seems to favor shirts with large hearts or stars on them. These are easy to find in stores in the Juniors department to fit either kids or adults.) A purple pleated skirt seems to be one of Junie's favorite outfits, too.

Step 5: Pull on a pair of striped socks or striped tights. They don't even have to match your outfit! Put on a pair of flat Mary Jane shoes. If you want, you can cuff one of the socks down to make it "sag" and leave one of your shoes unstrapped. Uh, just be careful!

Step 6: You can accessorize your costume with a black and white marble theme book that you can pick up in any store. Write "Junie B. Jones" in the name portion of it for a telling accessory. You can also carry around a stuffed elephant like one of Junie's favorite toys.

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