How to make a Carl Fredricksen (from "Up") costume

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Carl Fredricksen, the elderly grump and main character of the Oscar-nominated Disney/Pixar animated film, "Up" lends himself to a quick, easy, and instantly recognizable costume. Played by Ed Asner, Carl morphs from an angsty elder to an optimistic father figure to young scout, Russell.

Things You'll Need

Putting together your Carl Fredricksen (from "Up") costume

Step 1: Pick up a white wig. Depending on the length, you may need scissors to cut it into a short, yet abundant old man's style. Use some hair gel to slick it back.

Step 2: Use the scraps that you cut from the wig to make two bushy white eyebrows. Use your Spirit gum to attache these over your real eyebrows.

Step 3: An easy way to acheive the "old man" look is to take a brown eyeliner pencil, furrow your brows and trace over the lines in your forehead, crinkles beneath your eyes, and the sides of your mouth. Smudge it a bit for a less severe effect and use Q-tip to take off the excess "smear." Remember, you want to look like an old man, not a dirty old man with brown "dirt" on your face!

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Put on a prosthetic nose like Carl's prominent one.

Step 5: Raid Grandpa's attic or head to the thrift store if you don't have a tan button-down shirt, brown pants, and tweed jacket. These are all easy to find. Bonus points if you get brown polyester pants to wear!

Step 6: Pick up a brown belt and shoes to accessorize, along with a dark brown bow tie. A green bow tie would work, too!

Step 7: Keeping up with the accessories, Carl's character is defined by them. Put on a wedding band (or just get an old cigar band to stand in if you don't have one handy) and a pair of black rimmed glasses.

Step 8: To make Carl's "Grape Soda" badge that his dearly departed wife, Ellie gave him long ago, print out an oversized image of it on the computer in colored paper, or use the image to draw your own with colored markers. Cut out the image and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Stick a pin through it and pin it to your lapel.

Step 9: For the finishing touches, grab a colorful bunch of helium balloons and a garden hose!

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