How to make a Bret Michaels costume

posted by Lana417 on (7 years ago)

Whether you're a Poison fan from way back or just a fan of the trashtastic television that is "Rock of Love" on VH1, Bret Michaels certainly has a way with the ladies. Make your own Bret Michaels/Rock of Love costume and get ready to take your show on the road this Halloween!

What you'll need:

Putting your Bret Michaels costume together

Step 1 Get dressed up in your t-shirt and jeans. Simple enough!

Step 2 Your transformation begins the second you plunk your long, blonde Bret wig on top of your head.

Step 3 Tie your bandana around your head, do-rag style so that the top of your head is covered and the knot goes in the back.

Step 4 Now that your "hair" is out of your eyes, it's time to put on your black eyeliner. Get a female friend or relative to help out with this if you're a little intimidated. The easiest way to do this, if you haven't before, is to pull the bottom of your eye down and just (carefully) zip the eyeliner pencil across it and into the corner. Apply the pencil to your top lash line and smudge it in for that "smoky" rocker eye!

Step 5 Apply some fake tattoos to your arms. Chicks dig 'em!

Step 6 Pull on your cowboy boots and slap on your cowboy hat over your wig and bandana combo and let the groupies come to you, baby!

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