How to make a Baby Firefly (Devil's Rejects) Costume

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If you think Captain Spaulding and Otis are crazy, then you haven't met Baby Firefly. The youngest of the psychotic Firefly family of mass-murderers in Rob Zombie's film, "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects," Baby is Captain Spaulding's nutty daughter. Whereas Otis has a sort of poetry about his killings, Baby gleefully, comically, and cruelly disposes of her victims -- all punctuated by her distinctive, girlish yet maniacal laugh! Lucky for you, a Baby Firefly costume can be simple to make and scary n' sexy to wear at the same time!

What You'll Need

  • Long, wavy blonde wig
  • A strappy white camisole OR
  • White peasant blouse that hits at midriff
  • Fake blood
  • Cowgirl boots
  • Low-rise jeans, frayed and with holes at the knees
  • Baby powder or loose light brown eyeshadow (OPTIONAL)
  • Belt with a large buckle
  • Straw cowgirl hat with the sides rolled up
  • Silver skull pin (optional)
  • Toy shotgun

Putting together your Baby Firefly(Devil's Rejects) Costume

Step 1: Put on your camisole (or peasant top); ripped-up, low-rise jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. Add

Step 2: You can add a light bit of "dust" to them (baby powder works great, or a loose, light brown eyeshadow powder) for a more distressed, dingy look.

Step 3: Put on your long, wavy blonde wig. Baby's hair hits close to waist length and while not curly, is definitely wavy.

Step 4: If you have a cowboy or cowgirl hat in brown or tan straw, now's the time to doctor it up with a silver skull pin on the front of it. Put on the cowgirl hat over the wig.

Step 5: Grab a big ol' shotgun and scare the pants out of hapless victims along with Daddy Spaulding and Big Brother Otis! Yaay!

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