Are Alice in Wonderland costumes still popular? (Character Costume Ideas)

posted by Barbaro on (8 years ago)

If you are wondering if you should buy an Alice in Wonderland costume for your child this Halloween, or for the matter of fact, for yourself (there are some more sexy adult versions of the costume available), well, don't wonder anymore! Go for it!

Alice is a classic. Last year the Alice in Wonderland characters were floating around the top of the most popular Halloween costume ideas. Classic costumes always work, they don't fade away, and that's mostly because of the costumers out there who always refine the costumes with more details, offer more costume sizes, more styles for everyone.

Alice in Wonderland costumes also offer a good opportunity for a group to wear costumes around a theme for Halloween. If you care thinking about having a Halloween party, think about a movie or Disney theme, and ask everyone to choose a costume for that theme, it's always fun to compare what someone else can come up with!

So Alice in Wonderland costumes work for a child, an adult, for a sexy costume (Alice, not White Rabbit...well it depends what you're into, hehe...), for a group.

Here are the characters you can choose from:

Alice costumes White Rabbit costumes Cheshire Cat costumes Mad Hatter costumes Tweedle Dee costumes Queen of Hearts costumes King of Hearts costumes Card Guard costumes Humpty Dumpty costumes

So with that said, go classic, go with Alice, go have fun!

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