Comedy and Costumes: The Love Guru

Although comic book movies are ruling the roost this summer blockbuster season, don’t count out comedy bringing it’s A-game to theatres!Ǭ† Several comedies with great costuming potential are making their way to the box office.Ǭ†

One of the most notable new films features Mike Myers making his return to a big screen with a comedy of his own creation, The Love Guru.Ǭ† Myers, best known for the rockin’ “Wayne’s World” and the Austin Powers series of films, attempts to bring a new character to his comic repertoire, with Pitka, the Love Guru, an American who was raised by Indian gurus and comes back to the States to break into the self help market.Ǭ† His first challenge is to reunite a hockey player with his wife who has left him for his biggest on-ice rival.Ǭ† Click here to see the trailer for “The Love Guru.”Ǭ†

Love Guru costumes are already hitting the shelves in preparation for Halloween.Ǭ† Get your guru on with the Love Guru wig and beard with a long brown wig with curled ends and a matching mustache.Ǭ† Dress the part with the Love Guru costume complete with a bright, sunflower yellow caftan shirt trimmed in white that hits to roughly knee level.Ǭ† Also included are white pants and a garland of colorful flowers to wear around your neck as you spread the love!Ǭ† Put on a pair of Birkenstock type sandals._Ǭ†

In an ode to the hockey player quotient in the film (Come on!Ǭ† Mike Myers is Canadian, after all!) and the Stanley Cup Playoffs going on right now, break out some jerseys from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Los Angeles Kings hockey franchises.Ǭ† These two teams are featured in the film with the love rivals playing on opposing teams._Ǭ†

All’s fair in love and war”¬¶ and hockey.Ǭ† Hopefully, the Love Guru has the answer to this one when it rolls into theatres June 20th.Ǭ†

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