Collecting Halloween Costumes for Charity

Emma Rose Shapiro is a civic minded 11 year old who has decided to collect Halloween costumes in her local area. She is asking that 100 local organizations begin collecting Halloween costumes. It can be any organization that decides to collect these costumes from summer camps, schools, businesses, etc. The goal is to collect 1000 Halloween costumes and give them to individuals who may not get to celebrate Halloween.

Some children are unable to get Halloween costumes, which means these children feel they can’t celebrate the holiday. Emma has partnered with the Greater Norristown PAL in order to get the costumes distributed to those who need them. She is asking for any Halloween costumes which are in relatively good order. It doesn’t matter if they have been worn, as long as they are gently used. Lots of children get a new costume each year based on their current idols, favorite movies, or other reasons. They may have even out grown the Halloween costumes. The point is there are individuals out there who can’t afford a costume.

This Halloween costume drive is not the only one of its kind. Other individuals have tried to amass a collection to help out others who may not have costumes. The costumes don’t matter. It could be an Indiana Jones costume, Wolverine costume, Jasmine costume, or just a witch costume.

What matters is the giving and allowing others to have a great time. You can become a Halloween Helper or start your own drive for Halloween costumes. Emma may be located in Wynnewood PA, but that doesn’t me the rest of us can’t get on the same page. Local communities all over the US are struggling to make their monthly expenses, and though there is still four months till Halloween thinking about costumes now is important. Over the next three or four months a 1000 costumes can be collected for your community and those around you. Giving a Hanna Montana costume or Spiderman costume to another will make their holiday special.

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