Clown mask

Hello. I’m wondering if anyone can make or find the clown mask that Micheal Myers has as a kid in the new version of the movie Halloween.

Any help would be appreciated.

All right, so you're not the brightest bulb in the bunch. It's fine, you'll get through this on looks - and by that, we mean terrifying looks! With this Dummy The Clown Mask, you'll be in a horrific s...
Brand: Ghoulish MasksMerchant: Walmart US
Be an accomplice of Joker in the robbing of Gotham National Bank with this Joker's Dopey Henchman Clown Adult Mask. includes: Mask
Your child will be thrilled going for Batman's insane arch-enemy look with the Deluxe Joker Child Clown Mask. This children's item has been tested and passes CPSIA safety standards. includes: Mask
American Horror Story Twisty the Clown Mask

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