Choosing a super heroine costume

Today we’d like to offer some costume ideas for women who would like to be a super heroine for this Halloween.

There is really a lot of choice, choosing a super heroine costume that will fit right for your personality could be a hassle…you know the most common woman super heroes, but there might be a few you are not even thinking about!

Most woman super heroine costumes come in with a more edgy/sexy look than the classical, so if you want to not only save the world but be adventurous, you’ll find something.

Wonder Woman costume: this is probably going to be a really popular costume in the next years to come due to an upcoming Blockbuster-to-be Wonder Woman movie in the works.

CatWoman costume: thanks to Batman and Halle Berry, CatWoman costumes are always super popular for Halloween, totally sexy and mysterious.

BatGirl costume: was featured in Batman and Robin the movie and incarnated by the lovely Alicia Silverstone. If I recall correctly, she gave Poison Ivy a good lesson 🙂

BatWoman costume

Storm costume: from X-Men I, II and III.

Elastigirl costume: ie: Mrs. Incredible from the Incredibles movie.

Elektra costume: was first featured in the Daredevil movie, and later on in the Elektra movie.

Kill Bill costume: yes, she deserves to be considered as a super heroe!

Bumblebee costume: former member of the superhero team Teen Titans and a current member of the superhero team the Doom Patrol.

Lara Croft costume: from the Tom Raider movies.

Fallen Angel costume

Kim Possible costume: from the Kim Possible television serie.

Sailor Moon costume

Selene costume: from the Underworld I & II movies.

Super Girl costume: Looks like Lois Lane is considered a Super Girl.

Well, there it is. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to submit your comments below.

Thinking of all of the great female DC heroines"A Wonder Woman, Batwoman and Batgirl"A it only makes sense that there should be a female Green Lantern as well (like Jade) . The Women's Green Lantern C...
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Thinking of all of the great female DC heroines Wonder Woman, Batwoman and Batgirl it only makes sense that there should be a female Green Lantern as well (like Jade) . The Women s Green Lantern Costu...
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