Choosing a super heroine costume

Today we’d like to offer some costume ideas for women who would like to be a super heroine for this Halloween.

There is really a lot of choice, choosing a super heroine costume that will fit right for your personality could be a hassle…you know the most common woman super heroes, but there might be a few you are not even thinking about!

Most woman super heroine costumes come in with a more edgy/sexy look than the classical, so if you want to not only save the world but be adventurous, you’ll find something.

Wonder Woman costume: this is probably going to be a really popular costume in the next years to come due to an upcoming Blockbuster-to-be Wonder Woman movie in the works.

CatWoman costume: thanks to Batman and Halle Berry, CatWoman costumes are always super popular for Halloween, totally sexy and mysterious.

BatGirl costume: was featured in Batman and Robin the movie and incarnated by the lovely Alicia Silverstone. If I recall correctly, she gave Poison Ivy a good lesson 🙂

BatWoman costume

Storm costume: from X-Men I, II and III.

Elastigirl costume: ie: Mrs. Incredible from the Incredibles movie.

Elektra costume: was first featured in the Daredevil movie, and later on in the Elektra movie.

Kill Bill costume: yes, she deserves to be considered as a super heroe!

Bumblebee costume: former member of the superhero team Teen Titans and a current member of the superhero team the Doom Patrol.

Lara Croft costume: from the Tom Raider movies.

Fallen Angel costume

Kim Possible costume: from the Kim Possible television serie.

Sailor Moon costume

Selene costume: from the Underworld I & II movies.

Super Girl costume: Looks like Lois Lane is considered a Super Girl.

Well, there it is. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to submit your comments below.

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