Cher as Catwoman? Oh no, please!

This would be a shocker, I am ready to bet that it won’t happen but I have to report about it! So it appears that Cher has some interest in becoming Catwoman in the next Batman movie… as you can see, many news websites reported it. Is it April 1st yet?

There is no way a movie director would cast Cher in the next Catwoman role, I am really sorry but that can’t and won’t happen. No disrespect to Cher, but her time has past in the movie industry, well at least for any major role in a Blockbuster super hero movie. I can’t imagine her doing any of the crazy fighting scenes we’ve seen in the two latest Batman movies, she’s going to hurt herself! And, was Catwoman not supposed to be in her late 20s, early 30s anyway?

Well, nice try and nice media exposure, maybe Cher needed it, but that’s all she’ll get from it.

If you like challenges, maybe you can try mixing the two for Halloween, make a Cher Catwoman costume 🙂

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