Cheaters and Mistresses: A New Costuming Trend?

Will costumes depicting cheating celebrities and their mistresses replace the classic pimp and ho costumes as the top skanky, campy costume idea for couples?

No one knows for sure, but the abundance of philandering celebrities making the headlines with their myriad of mistresses has been great costume fodder recently. Tiger Woods had at least 18 ladies. John Gosselin cheated on Kate Gosselin, leaving her along with their “plus eight” and to go “Dancing with the Stars”. And most recently, “Biker Build Off” and West Coast Choppers motorcycle entrepreneur, Jesse James cheated on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock. Although Jesse James might not have racked up quite the tally that Tiger Woods had, his mistress, the heavily-tattooed fetish model, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has become the female face of “the other woman” — complete with a “Pray For Us Sinners” tattoo inked on her forehead.

The silver lining to this is that for every Tiger Woods, Jesse James, or John Gosselin, there’s a faithful husband standing alongside his loyal wife. And the couples that dress up and head to costume parties together, stay together. Add some spice to your love life and dress up as some morally ambiguous celebs for fun at a costume party. Check out how to make a Jesse James costume and how to make a Michelle “Bombshell” McGee costume! Or consider a John and Kate couples’ costume idea since both halves of the estranged duo are still tabloid fodder.

Regardless of who you choose to dress up as, remember: they’re just costumes. Keep it classy otherwise!!

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