Cavemen the show – what a disaster

Sorry, I am going to talk about something a bit different here, not really costume idea related, but I needed to share my thoughts about it.

I watched the Cavemen TV show that premiered on ABC last night, hoping to see something original, funny, maybe even with jokes right on the edge of acceptance for 8PM show. The Geico commercials have been so good in the past, that i think i was not the only one to wish for the best.

But, boy was I disappointed. A FLOP! I am not going to go into details, just read this nice wrap up here. I can’t say it better. please, just don’t even waste your time watching it, stay away from it.

Now, that leads to the Caveman costume idea… Well, we still think it’s very much a really original and fun idea, so check out the caveman masks if you’re still up for it… but keep in mind that people might give you a hard time at the party… đŸ˜‰

Did you watch it? What did you think about it?

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