Buying old costumes? Beware of Lice!

> Watch out this Halloween! Not of ghosts and goblins, but of something far more sinister. Before you swap wigs, hats or masks, consider that they could be carrying an undesirable treat. Lice.

In this economy we are all concerned about saving money, and with Halloween coming up, many will think about buying used costumes, masks, hats, or participate to costume swaps.

One thing you might not think about, hiding in an old wig, mask, hat or costume is lice. Yuk. Well, if you have kids, you know there is not one year you don’t get a letter from daycare or school about lice spreading across kids heads, and it’s not a big deal, it’s just ‘very’ inconvenient.

Just watch out!

>”Kids can bring home more than candy during Halloween,” Botham said in a statement. “The lice can lurk in seldom-cleaned or hard-to-clean costumes and spread from children to parents. About 3 percent of school children have lice at any given time, so the odds for coming in contact with lice are higher than many parents realize.”

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