Bringing Disney Costumes Alive with Disney on Ice

Disney is truly a magical world, and anyone who has ever been to the theme parks or watched a Disney movie understands this. Over the years Disney has provided us with hundreds of costume ideas for Halloween and costume parties. This year Tinker Bell costumes will definitely be at the height of every girl’s fantasy, as she stars in Disney on Ice.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is the latest fairy movie released by Disney, starring Tinker Bell. The theme of the Lost Treasure will come alive during the 2009 tour of Disney on Ice. But there is much more to be seen with Tinker Bell and other Disney icons. In 2010 Tinker Bell will reappear on screen in Midsummer Storm. In 2011 A Winter Story will be released. Tinker Bell certainly has some work cut out for herself, as the magical fairy takes on more adventures.

Disney on Ice Costumes

Tinker Bell will not come on the ice until the second half in Disney on Ice. In this second half you will meet Peter Pan, as you fly off to Neverland. Tinker Bell will fly around the ice helping her friends.

There is much more to Disney on Ice than just the second half with our most popular star of the year. Mickey and Minnie Mouse will visit taking you on another magical journey and leaving us with Mickey and Minnie costumes for this year’s parties!

If the two stars who started it all are not enough, then look for the Little Mermaid and her Prince. They will appear in royal uniform with Ariel singing her most famous song. Little girls around the world will be able to envision their Ariel costume for Halloween, while the boys look to the prince costume and wonder.

If these lords and ladies are not enough, remember that the Lion King will be visiting offering a magnificent lion costume. From space and there to cause a little mischief Stitch will enter the ice with Lilo at his side. A great couple like Lilo and Stitch just beg us for costume ideas. If you are in need of a couples costume do not forget the rambunctious pair! Allow Disney on Ice and Tinker Bell to skate you to the right costume for next Halloween!

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