Bring the Kids – Holiday Entertainment and Costumes!

Brace yourself for the coming onslaught of Christmas attractions coming to a stage and screen near you. We’re mere days away from the oncoming rush of post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. Instead of getting caught up in the seasonal swell, kick back and enjoy some holiday entertainment.

With the last smear of turkey gravy not yet wiped from Grandma’s mouth, the first wave of Christmas specials air on network television. If you’re not content to just watch these shows, several community theatres and ballet troupes often put on performances of popular holiday plays. In order to bring the seasonal stage magic to life, you need a good costume to help create the illusion.

Always a favorite, Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” tells the tale of the miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge who is urged to change his holiday-hating ways by the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future with an assist by his deceased former business partner, Jacob Marley.

Fine arts fiends might enjoy checking out a holiday performance of Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet, “The Nutcracker.” A traditional Christmas favorite, “The Nutcracker” follows a young girl by the name of Clara who is gifted with a magical nutcracker by her favorite uncle. At night, the Nutcracker comes to life as a handsome prince who guides Clara on a holiday dream land filled with dancing mice, sweets, and wooden soldiers. On their travels, Clara and the Nutcracker Prince encounter the beautiful Sugar PlumFairy and Snow Queen.

Many communities put on productions of either of these shows or countless other Christmas stories. Little ones might enjoy dressing up in costumes similar to those of the actors involved in the performances, too!

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