Bill Clinton

Hi, I am a professional makeup artist, mostly working n TV and music videos, Anyway, Haloween is always a huge day for me.

Last year I made a girl into a peocock, taking second place out of a thousand entries for a radia sponsored costume party. My client walked away making $3000, way more then I charged for he job. This year, I am making a woman into a mermaid, without prosthetics or a tail, for a clothing optional party.

I woill do this job by airbrushing her torso and arms in a translucent silver, Then I will airbrush from just below her naval, down to her ankles in a seafoam blue.

Then I will use Mehron in silver,(mehron is a powder hat when mixed witha lottle mixing solutio, makes a bright, metallic paint that you can apply to the body using different sizes of foam brushes to cover the whole or large portions of the body, or you can use a thin paint brush with mediom length,about 1/8′, stiff bristols, to paint designs with the Mehron, metallic paint.) (you can buy this on line, in copper, bronze, silver and gold powder along with the mixing liquid. A little poder goes a very long way. You use it by putting a small amount of powder in a bowl and adding enough liquid to make a creamy texture.

When you have used all the paint in the bowl, you can just ad more mixing liquid, and the remainin paint on the bottom and sides of the bowl, will make you maore paint.

You can cover 2 bodies completely with one, small bottle of powder and maybe 11/2 bottles of mixing liquid.) After I have airbrushed the entire body, I will use the Mehron with the thin brush I mentioned, to create the apearance of scales, down her leg, stopping at the ankle to painy them, as well as her feet with the Mehron, using a 2″, foam brush, to create the illusion of fins, which will not be easy, but, I can’t think of any other way, using paint only.

Then I will use the silver Mehron to paint swirls around her breast afte air brusing on a bikini top in the seafoam green. She will then wear a long, blond wig, and some interesting make up, accented with the Mehron. of the translucent, siler, airbrushed paint, covering her face. That is all.

I am also making a white, heterosexual cross dresser, into a black female, and I have several other challenging jobs, more of which will come in every week over the next 2 weeks.

But the one that is stumping me most, is that a dark skinned, black client, wants to look like Bill Clinton.

Hw can I do this,providing I can airbrush his face and hands so that he looks caucasion, and that I can’t use a mask or protetic peices.

Does anyone know, what kind of clothes I can buy, or have any ideas for the make up on his face.? I really need some good ideas, and money is not an object.

Can anyone help me?

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