Being Falcon Heene – (The Balloon Boy)

Grab a balloon and a barf bucket to become little Falcon Heene, the Colorado 6-year-old whose parents thought he went missing inside a UFO-shaped mylar balloon. Turns out the tyke was merely hiding in the attic.

Put on a Spock wig to get Falcon’s boyish bowl cut and a dark blue sweatshirt. Carry a large, mylar balloon with you shaped like a UFO. Cram yourself into small spaces and hide underneath tables or in closets at whatever costume party you’re attending. Bonus points for making it all the way up into the attic. Answer each question with utmost truthfulness, even if your angry, two-time “Wife Swap” alumni father shoots you a dirty look. And most importantly, keep a barf bucket handy with you at all times!

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