Being David Letterman

You gotta hand it to the late night host for brushing off his indiscretions with his characteristic humor. Show up to the party with not one, but TWO women on your arm. If you can’t manage to get gals the way Dashing Dave does, grab a few blow up dolls, putting a bridal veil on one. (Hey! You gotta remember which one is the wife and which one is the girlfriend!)

Being a silver fox hasn’t stopped the ladies from lovin’ Letterman! Add a touch of salt and pepper to your locks with a bit of grey spray in hair color. Put on a pair of wire rimmed spectacles, your best suit, and add a smidge of tooth black to one of your front teeth to get David Letterman’s trademark, gap-toothed smile. (If you had two or more babes on your arm, you’d smile, too!) Carry around a Top 10 list or two to make conversation at the punch bowl. Who knows, you might just get another girlfriend on the side!

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