Being Courtney Love

Plunk on a peroxide blonde wig, some smeared red lipstick and your best babydoll dress to become rock’s zaniest professional widow. (Yes, even greater than Yoko Ono!) Strap on a guitar and threaten to sue everyone you know (*HINT: Bring your own faux legal proceedings documents with you to your next costumed get-together!). Scream and slur your way through rambling, incoherent speeches in the middle of the floor. Grab a bottle of hooch (or prescription meds!) and fall down a lot.

You’ll be the life of the party when you talk about your upcoming album… The one you’ve been busy making for five years.

Team up with a friend dressed as Axl Rose for a maximum rock n’ roll train wreck effect, or Courtney’s dearly departed hubby, Kurt Cobain for a fun couples’ costume idea!

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